Digging the ground to build a swimming pool is not as simple as getting a shovel and digging dirt. It requires heavy machinery and precision, as digging the wrong way can damage the integrity of surrounding foundations.

So, how should you choose the right contractors for the job?

Layout and Excavation

Contractors who dig must be able to understand the layout of the pool. Without this understanding, the pool digging can go wrong.

The contractor must also know how to do the layout. He will visit the site and measure where and how the digging should be done. He will survey the area to find out of there are utility lines, plumbing or sewage under the ground.

All of these must be taken into consideration, as digging without a plan can result in costly mistakes.

Cost of Down Payment

The ideal cost of your down payment should only be between 10% and 20%. The industry is 10%, so choose a contractor who will charge this amount before starting the project.

A higher down payment can mean that the company is short on cash, and any company that is going through a financial crisis rings bad bells. If they do not have enough cash, then they may not be able to pay their employees, and they may not be able to finish the job.

Once the contractor has completed phases of the job, then that is the time he has to charge percentages of the remaining balances.

Years of Experience

There is really nothing wrong with hiring people who are new to the digging business. However, there are some risks associated with it.

The lack of experience can result in a bad job, or prolonged completion of a project, which means the pool placement will be delayed.

We here at Ultimate Access Construction have over 30 years of experience in digging pools. We know what to look for, and we know the right approach to take to dig.

We make sure that we did the right elevation levels, and that we do not dig more than what is required in relation to the size of the pool you are trying to build. This is critical, especially if you are buying pre-fabricated pools.

The digging must be commensurate to the size, depth, and the shape of the pre-fabricated pool.

If not, the digging will have be to done again.

Equipment and License

It is important that the digging contractor has his own equipment. These are heavy machinery that that would be used to dig. Without these, the contractors will be renting from others, and this means you as the client will have to pay for that cost, too.


Choose a contractor that has adequate experience to dig your pool. And before you sign a contract, make sure you have validated these four points laid out here. A pool is a huge project, and you have to deal only with experienced builders who are not likely to make costly mistakes.