Let Ultimate Access Construction Repair your Sewage and Septic Tank

Your septic tank and sewers are a vital part of your house or office. It is the receptacle of human waste, and it keeps harmful bacteria out of human contact.

But what if you need to service both, or totally replace them? Who should you call?

Ultimate Access Construction (UAC) has to the solution for you. We have over 30 years of experience in the construction business, and repairing/replacing septic and sewer tanks and systems is just one of our expertise.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider UAC to do this job for you.

We are licensed and bonded

We are a licensed and bonded company. What licensed means is that we have obtained the appropriate permit from the government to do this job. Without a license, you will be dealing with companies that do not have the appropriate certification.

What bonded means is that we are insured. Should there be a failure from our end, you will not suffer a financial loss as you can make a claim. 

We stand behind our claim

We are experts in the construction business, and we know what we are doing. We offer a guarantee that our work is impeccable, and that the result of our job is a functional septic and sewer system that is compliant with legal expectations.

We only turnover projects that work, so you do not have to worry about repeat projects or added costs for repair. 

We use the right technology

We own the appropriate equipment to facilitate a project like this. It also means that you will not be charged more than the service you need. Some contractors have to rent equipment so that you will be paying for the equipment rental as well as the labour cost.

Since we own the equipment, we know that they are well-maintained. Since this equipment was built for this kind of project, there will be less damage to your property, and you can expect a better quality of service.

We restore what we destroy

Fixing sewage and septic tank means we have to dig. And when we do this, we anticipate the area of damage that we do.

Along with the repair, we will also include work to restore the property on a case to case basis. This is going to be part of our quotation, and we can assure you that the top area of the property will be good as new after we are done with the septic or sewer repair or replacement.

Apart from this, we provide free quotations for all our services. We have inspectors who can visit your area and make an estimate of the project cost. This estimate will be as close to the actual cost as possible so as not to surprise you with a huge restoration bill.

At Ultimate Access Construction, the only thing that matters to us is client satisfaction. We have been in this business for so many years, and we have a team of experts who can provide unparalleled service so you can get the highest quality of service.