Tips When Hiring a Land Clearing Contractor

You may have a big piece of land where you have to remove trees and huge rocks. You cannot do this alone; you need the services of a professional who understands safety and proper disposal. Land clearing and stump removal is a tedious process, and needless to say, it is dangerous.

Here are some things you should consider before you hire a land clearing and tree stump removal expert.

License and Registration

We at Ultimate Access Construction (UAC) have the proper license and registration from the government. Why is this important when all it takes is to dig the tree stump and dispose of boulders of rocks?


The reason behind this necessity is that tree stump removal is not the same with uprooting bushes. Heavy equipment is required to do this, along with rock movement. As such, there is a huge danger involved since heavy machinery is required.

People can get hurt, and the machinery can also fail, causing damage or casualties.

A license ensures that the contractor has passed all government standards and that the people who will work on your land are professionals.


A license can also mean that the people working for the contractor are insured, that they are compensated and that the wastes are disposed of properly.  


Cost and Job Size

Some contractors charge an arm and a leg for land clearing and tree stump removal. At UAC, we offer competitive rates. We will even provide a free estimate of your project and not charge of the service of the surveyor.


Also, we do not mind the size of the project. We will take land clearing jobs and tree stump removal, even if these are small projects. Some contractors will only take big projects to earn more profit. But at UAC, we are much more concerned about fixing your problem.


We Do the Jobs Ourselves

We do not get subcontractors to do the job for you. In fact, we own our equipment. What this means is that we know how they work, and we will not charge you extra for renting machinery.


Some contractors do not really perform the job themselves. What they do is to pass on the tasks to another contractor. These subcontractors earn a profit, and your contractor will do the same. In the end, you have paid more than what you are supposed to.


If you use the services of UAC, you can rest assured that there is no middle man taking a cut off your payments. You will be dealing with us and our professional workers.



It is not uncommon for subcontractors to do a substandard job, or operate without the appropriate license. Before you hire a group, make sure that you validate their credentials, or that they were referred to you by somebody who has experienced how they work.